Juvenis Festival Cast Auditions- March 11-13

Didn't get a time this weekend? You can still email blue.canoe@hotmail.com and we'll see what we can do! We are still accepting audition requests for the dance show and we'll do what we can to fit you into the others!

Audition Sign Up List

Auditions will take place on the 1st floor of the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning at 370 King Street W

The auditions for "initially:(un)conditionally" will take place on Saturday, March 12th only, in the Rotunda Theatre, Queen's Theological Hall on Queen's Campus (85 Stuart St)

Friday March 11- Tett Centre

1:00pm- Amanda Drebot (M)
1:15pm- Shira Karney (M)
1:30pm- Tara Wink (M)
1:45pm- Oscar Cadeau (M)
2:00pm- Sarah Currie (M)
2:15pm- Laila Kharouba (M)
2:30pm- Keli Jay (M)
2:45pm- Laura Garcia-Cervantes (M)
3:00pm- Jade Hesson (M)
3:15pm- Callum Lurie (M)
3:30pm- Ava W (P)
3:45pm- Katie Gorham (M)
4:00pm- BREAK
4:15pm- Courtney Day (M)(P)
4:30pm- Alanna Wrenshall (M)
4:45pm- Julia Dickson (M)
5:00pm- Francesca Sivilotti (M)

6:00pm- Lindsay Laronde (P)
6:15pm- Maureen Barnes (M)(P)
6:30pm- Jaedie Sansom (P)
6:45pm- Chris Johnson (M)
7:00pm- Jesse Losee (M)(P)
7:15pm- Daniela Rojas (M)(P)
7:30pm- Taylor Katzel (M)
7:45pm- Jordan Prentice (M)
8:00pm- Joey Graff (M)(P)
8:15pm- Selena Martin (M)

Sunday March 13- Tett Centre

12:45pm- Audrey Bruce (M)
1:00pm- Eileen Hyett (M)
1:15pm- Elyssa Biringer (M)
1:30pm- Justin Fox (M)
1:45pm- Jacob Denofreo (M)
2:00pm- Chantel Balintec (M)

2:15pm- Ezra McDonald (P)
2:30pm- Grace Battrick (P)
2:45pm- Mark Polese (M)
3:00pm- Alisha Grech (M)
3:15pm- Coven Madensky (M)(P)
3:30pm- Nina Ricciarelli (M)
3:45pm- Jessica Fenske (P)
4:00pm- Liza Hersh (M)
4:15pm- Vince Stabile (M)

Saturday March 12

Dance Auditions- 11:30am- 1pm 
(possibly stay until 3)- Rotunda

- Maureen Barnes
- Lindsay Laronde
- Melissa Prince
- Cristina Goncalves
- Natasha Prytulka
- Charlotte Tessier
- Ava W
- Andrea West
- Emma Chen
- Jennifer Ferguson
- Helana Marks
- Sasha French
- Isabelle Thierrin
- Shanice Howard
- Raven Saville
- Elysse Chennette

Saturday (Play/Musical slots)
- Tett Centre

1:00pm- Samantha Clark (M)
1:15pm- Taylor Bailey-Hopkins (M)
1:30pm- Lizzie Moscoe (M)
1:45pm- Monica Xu (M)
2:00pm- Evan Lepp (M)(P)

2:15pm- Maddy Rafferty (M)(P)
2:30pm- BREAK
2:45pm- Leslie O'Sullivan (M)
3:00pm- Jenni Saslove (M)
3:15pm- Cristina Goncalves (M)(P)
3:30pm- Shelby VanLuven (M)
3:45pm- Andras Linder (M)
4:00pm- Maleeka Thaker (M)
4:15pm- Theo Schaefer Scovil (M)
4:30pm- Helana Marks (M)

6:00pm- Kristen Kim (M)(P)
6:15pm- Owen Hamilton (M)(P)
6:30pm- Natasha Prytulka (P)
6:45pm- Rachel Agnew (M)
7:00pm- Dhanish Chinniah (M)
7:15pm- Katie Johnstone (M)
7:30pm- Emily Gurth (M)
7:45pm- Josh Smith (M)(P)
8:00pm- Scott Forster (M)(P)
8:15pm- Nadia Pacey (M)(P)
8:30pm- Stephanie Natividad (M)
8:45pm- Mitchell Bruce (M)
9:00pm- Madeline Ferris (M)(P)

Can't make an audition that weekend?

Contact us and we'll accommodate trips for March Break and other conflicts with an early audition. Email us at:

info@juvenisfestival.ca or blue.canoe@hotmail.com