Breakdancing Workshop

Workshop: Breakdancing

LEVEL: Beginner 

Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning
370 King Street W
Rehearsal Hall- 2nd Floor

Sunday, May 1
st 2016; 12:30pm-1:30pm


Participants will get a chance to learn the basic steps, moves and groove of break dancing. Teaching top rocking, get downs, freezes and stance, they will put it all together in a brief combination to give them a taste of being a b-girl & b-boy! 

Workshop Registration

Registration for workshops will close the day before each workshop if you have not signed up but still wish to attend, please come to the workshop at least 10 minutes early and we can register you on site!

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Artist Bios

Emmy Li and Will Kim

Emmy Li is a bgirl, breaking for almost four years and has been part of the Move Collective since September of 2015. Since Kingston's breakdance scene is especially small and primarily consists of students from Queen's University she wanted to be more active in the expansion of urban art in Kingston. The Move Collective was a great opportunity to reach into the local community, and help develop and expand Kingston's breaking scene. She found that it was also a great opportunity to learn from other artists about their form of movement; be it parkour, graffiti, or skating, the Move Collective created a safe and creative space for youth to freely express themselves and be part of a unique community. She wants to help the Kingston youth explore their creativity through unique art forms, and build a sense of community that they can cherish.