An Introduction to the Art of Music Production and DJing

Facilitated by Cassius Felicella
Tuesday May 1

Registration has now closed. Drop-ins are welcome for this workshop!


4pm-5:30pm (90 Minutes)


Boys & Girls Club, Frontenac Mall, 1300 Bath Rd, Kingston, ON K7M 4X4

Workshop Description:

This workshop is designed to cover the foundations of both music production and DJ work. These things at times can be incredibly difficult, whether it’s trying to create a new idea for your next song, or performing effectively so the crowd loves your set as much as you do. All topics will be covered with the end result of having hands on experience with both skills. Hope to see you all soon!

***This workshop is eligible for a Reach Ahead Activity in the Arts & Culture Specialist High Skills Major Program***

Cassius Fellicella

Cassius always had an interest in music, but it wasn’t until the end of high school that he started putting his passion into projects. After playing at local nightclubs in Vancouver, he began to place his concentration in the dance music scene. From there, every spare moment was dedicated to honing his craft in an effort to create something new and unique no one had ever heard. Beginning in 2015, he started his own music brand as a platform to promote his work and provide production services to various singers, songwriters, and fellow producers. Today, he has signed to number of labels and platforms throughout the world including Germany, Romania, the Netherlands, and most recently the United Kingdom.