Drama With Confidence Workshop

Workshop: Building Confidence Through Drama

LEVEL: Beginner

*No experience required*

There are two timeslots for this workshop:

Monday, May 2nd
 2016; 4:00pm-5:30pm

Boy’s and Girl’s Club- Youth Room (Frontenac Mall)

Wednesday, May 4
th 2016; 4:00pm-5:30pm
Kingston Frontenac Public Library
Wilson Room, 2nd floor


This is a workshop on building confidence and learning to accept yourself as you are, as so many of us feel like we're not good enough, aren't good-looking enough, aren't smart enough, aren't in every sense...enough.

Workshop Registration

Registration for workshops will close the day before each workshop if you have not signed up but still wish to attend, please come to the workshop at least 10 minutes early and we can register you on site!

Any questions: info@juvenisfestival.ca

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Chantel Martin

Chantel is the Production Manager of the Juvenis Festival and a graduate of the Queen's University Drama and Faculty of Education programs. She has run workshops for youth initiatives in Kingston, runs her own theatre company and is planning a trip to England once the Juvenis Festival is done!