2019 Programming Schedule

The Juvenis Festival 2019: May 1st-May 11th

Festival Overview

Juvenis Opening Event || Youth Choir

The official kick-off of the 2019 Juvenis Festival featuring a performance by the Juvenis Youth Choir and special guests.  

Juvenis Youth Choir Project Leader: Myriam Bouti

Location: The Rotunda Theatre, Theological Hall, Queen's University

Date: April 28th at 7:30pm

Price: Free

Storefront Art Gallery: Memory

This year's theme is Memory. As we grow up, our memories inform and shape our future. Our memories are unique to us, providing a truly individual perspective of life. Memory can be a way to relive the past. Memory can be a mosaic that informs our present. Or memory can be a way to envision our future. Art allows us to take memory and make it real. It creates connections between our internal lives and the world around us. Memory is art.

Project Leader: Dylyn Reid

Location: HARS

Date: May 1st-10th

Price: Free

Viva Voce: Languages

A youth-led storytelling coffeehouse centring around the theme of 'languages.' 

Project Leader: Gabrielle Pulver

Location: Kingston Frontenac Public Library Central Branch

Date: May 1st at 7:00pm

Price: Free 

Animals Are People Too

An immersive multimedia art experience thacontradicts the story of our western society‚Äôs relationship with animal products and the ways in which we consume them.

Project Leader: David Cash

Location: Theological Hall rm 102

Date: May 2nd-4th 6:00pm-10:00pm (drop-in)

Price: $5 youth | $10 general

Fame Jr. The Musical

A Blue Canoe produced musical made up of a cast of youth ages 13-18. 

Project Leader: Ally Pajak

Location: The Rotunda Theatre, Theological Hall, Queen's University

Date: May 2nd-5th | 7:30pm (Thursday-Saturday) | 2:00pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Price: $17 for Youth | $20 for General 


Transmogrification is a dance-based, multidisciplinary performance series, that authentically tells the non-fictional, transformative stories of its teenage cast, from this past year.

Project Leader: Aria Lara Wilton

Location: The H'art Centre

Date: May 3rd-5th at 7:00pm | Additional shows at 2:00pm on Saturday and Sunday

Price: $4 for Youth | $8 for General

Battle of the Bands

Another Juvenis favorite returns! An evening of music with local youth bands, judged by the crowd and a panel of celebrity judges!

Project Leaders: Reid Cunningham & Michael Broadhead

Location: Ale House

Date: May 5th at 6:00pm

Price: $10


A musical theatre showcase for queer-identified singers, performing pieces originally intended for straight characters of another gender.

Project Leaders: Danny McLaren

Location: 99 York Street

Date: May 5th, 8th and 9th at 8:00pm

Price: Free

Juvy's Movies

Another Juvenis favourite returns! Juvy's Movies features KFPL Youth Shorts, Rapid Reel 48 Hour film contest.

Partnered with: Kingston Frontenac Public Library, Reelout and Kingston Canadian Film Festival

Location: The Screening Room

Date: May 6th at 8:00pm

Price: Free 


Communion is an experiential installation aimed at creating a living memory space that viewers can explore, located in the Juvenis Storefront Gallery. Space is charged, it is the stage for memory to be crafted into stories we tell about ourselves. As memory fades, we become the audience for our own stories, and for trans and non-binary people this act is seemingly unavoidable. How do we turn messy internal spaces of memory into consumable narratives? And for who? The installation provides view into this process, creating a cluttered surreal bedroom space in between memory and reality.

Project Leader: Dylyn Reid

Location: HARS

Date: May 7th-9th at 4:00pm

Price: Free


Verity is a dance based show made by artists and students united in the push for an inclusive education system. Through art, Verity participants hope to explore the issues that come with the repeal of the 2015 sex-ed curriculum in Ontario and encourage acceptance and transparency within our education system.

Project Leaders:  Bianca Campbell, Jo Monea and Alex McChesney

Location: The Tett Centre

Date: May 8th-10th at 6:00pm

Price: $10

Question Mark, Period

A series of one act plays by Joey Shapiro, Kezi Jacob and Bridget Overvelde

Project Leaders:  Joey Shapiro, Kezi Jacob, Bridget Overvelde

Location: The Tett Centre

Date: May 8th-10th at 8:00pm

Price: $10

Green Day's American Idiot

American Idiot is a show about the land of the free, the home of the brave and the very identity of the idiot. If you like early 2000s punk music, if you like fingerless gloves, if you like spiky hair, if you like giving the middle finger to the man, then this show is for you. Tell us, can you hear the sound of hysteria? Come along and sing along to the age of paranoia!

Project Leader: Alisha Grech

Location: The Baby Grand Theatre

Date: May 8th-11th at 7:30pm | Additional show at 2:30pm on Saturday

Price: $12 for Youth | $15 for General

***Mature content warning***