Crash Course: Illustration

Facilitated by Alejandra Laria Aleaga

Date: Friday, May 4


4:00pm-6:00pm (2 hours)


The Boys & Girls Club
1300 Bath Road, Kingston, ON
K7M 4X4

Workshop Description:

Crash Course:Illustration will take you through a series of ways to create original illustrations from “non-googleable” sources. You will also learn about the different methods and materials used back in the day when there no computers available to create illustrations.This fun, 2 hour course will help you understand the basics about illustration, tools of the trade and the creative process and by the time you are finished you will already have the general knowledge and skills of an amateur illustrator!



***This workshop is eligible for a Reach Ahead Activity in the Arts & Culture Specialist High Skills Major Program***

Alejandra Laria Aleaga

Hi! I’m Alejandra, the illustration mentor. I am currently in high school finishing my the last semester of my last year. Not too long ago did I decide I wanted to become an illustrator. I have been drawing since I was three years old and it all started when I submitted one of my drawings to a news agency in my birth country, Cuba. From then on, I drew wherever I could; in my notebooks, my desk, loose paper; but NEVER the house walls. I’m mostly self taught, with a few classes and school courses scattered around and I’ve recently applied to college and university to continue on my path. I hope this workshop inspires the participants and shows them the many wonders of illustration.