Parkour Workshop


LEVEL: Beginner

Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning
370 King Street W
Rehearsal Hall- 2nd Floor

Sunday, May 1
st 2016; 11:00am-12:00pm


With a fun warm up activity, participants will learn basic parkour elements such a crawling, jumping and rolling to interact and negotiate with their environment. They will then put their new skills to use in a brief obstacle course like a traceur.

Workshop Registration

Registration for workshops will close the day before each workshop if you have not signed up but still wish to attend, please come to the workshop at least 10 minutes early and we can register you on site!

Any questions:

Artist Bios

Liam Wilkin and Curtis Shorts

Liam's parkour career started when he became friends with a tracer in his youth group, Zach McIver. Zach would take them out on Sundays for Parkour and Pancakes, teaching them from the ground up! He remembers after his first day drilling presisions for 4 hours straight he could still feel it a week after. But it quickly became easier as his strength built, and soon he fell in love with it! He wanted so badly to be in control of his body, dubbed a klutz by many who knew him, and hardly able to walk a straight line without losing his balance. By the end of his first year of training he could do basic flips, walk on thin rails, and jump fair distances. He loves challenging himself and pushing to new limits to prove he can! 

He helped Zach run a parkour group in downtown kingston for over a year as he grew his skill, and travel to cities accross the region to train in new locations, and with new people!

Curtis first got into parkour when he was 12 and taught himself with the help of YouTube videos. He has helped some of his friends with their parkour moves, but until the start of this year, when he started training with parkour Kingston, his training has been largely independent.

He runs the parkour meet for Zach McIver once a week when Zach his busy and Curtis also has experience with designing and running non-parkour based training groups.