Storefront Art Gallery Submissions

Applications are now open for the Juvenis Festival Storefront Art Gallery! We are looking for artwork of all kinds from artists between the ages of 13-30 to showcase in our Festival hub, which will pop up in an empty storefront in downtown Kingston.

This year's theme is Memory. As we grow up, our memories inform and shape our future. Our memories are unique to us, providing a truly individual perspective of life. Memory can be a way to relive the past. Memory can be a mosaic that informs our present. Or memory can be a way to envision our future. Art allows us to take memory and make it real. It creates connections between our internal lives and the world around us. Memory is art. 

Application Deadline:

Wednesday, April 10 by 11:59pm

How to submit your work

There are 2 steps to our submission process for the Storefront Art Gallery. Both parts are very important to ensure that we have all the necessary information, so please be sure to complete both steps!

Step 1:

Please fill out the online submission form below

Step 2: 

For this exhibition, please submit up to a maximum of 5 works you would like to have considered by the selection team. Please send the following information to with the subject “Storefront Art Application”

  1. Descriptions for each piece:
    Please list the title, medium (ex. paintings, sculptures, video), date created, and dimensions for each artwork you are submitting. As well, please include a short description of each work including how the work fits into the exhibition theme.
  2. Artist Statement (one paragraph)- please tell us a bit about yourself and your art style
  3. Photos or Documentation:
    Please attach documentation for each work you would like to submit. This can be submitted as a photograph, video, or audio file. Please submit high quality files, as these will be a very important aspect of your application and it will be the first time we see your work. The work you submit should be attached to the email as separate files according to the specifications below: 
    Photographs should be submitted as .jpeg files, videos should be submitted as .mp4 files and audio tracks should be submitted as .mp3 files

 **Label all documents chronologically with your name (ex. JohnSnow_1, JohnSnow_2 and so on). For the descriptions and Artist Statement, please submit them as one PDF file, if possible.***

Storefront Art Gallery Submissions

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