Project Leaders: Maureen Barnes & Michael Broadhead

A concert showcasing female/non-binary role models and rising stars in the Kingston music scene.

Ways Youth Can get Involved:

Check out the notice below!

Performance Date:

Saturday April 28 (Times TBA)


Announced this March!


Entry by donation


We are searching for event support to help this project! 

We're searching for:

Event Coordinator

The event coordinator will act as the liaison between the acts, the project leaders, and the venue. They will arrange any needed meetings/rehearsals and organize schedules. They will also be in charge of organizing and performing the set up and strike needed for the band and the venue -- including sound and lighting equipment. There will be a team assembled to help but the individual should have their own knowledge of concert set-up.

Stage Hands

This position will assist the Event Coordinator to ensure that the stage and space are set up for the event, that any transition between acts is handled smoothly and supporting the artists by ensuring everyone is ready and has what they need. 

Constellate Showcase Production Team Application

Age Range

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