Costume Design Workshop

Facilitated by Anne Redish

Date: Friday May 5

Time: 4:00pm-7:00pm

Location: Kingston Community House at 99 York Street

Registration: Yes, see form below

Workshop Description

The Juvenis Costume Workshop will be the place to be to get your costume questions asked and answered! It will give you the opportunity to learn the key aspects of costume design, a wee smidge of history of stage costumes, and perhaps most importantly, how to manage the complex needs of working backstage with costumes. We will research, plan, doodle, sketch, draw, colour, cut-&-paste, and/or many other things, while considering the many often-divergent needs of costuming a show!

Requirements/What to bring

  • Laptops (not required and not necessary if inconvenient in any way for participants)
  • 2 or 3 sketches &/or photos of previous costume projects (even Halloween and party garments)
  • ONE sewn item for yourself or someone else
  • Pencil crayons; a pair of fabric-suited scissors; a good pencil; a good eraser; a uhu-type glue stick
  • Something paper-ish to make some notes on, since some of the instruction-type notes may be in drawing form, and not easy to note on your laptop
  • Yes, you can bring your cellphones, and use them too!
  • Participants should also bring an outer garment or large accessory (ex. A scarf- not a circle or infinity scarf) that you can share and trade for the duration of the class only. We will NOT alter these in any way. Think: hat, scarf, shawl, cape, vest, tie, gloves, over-shirt, overskirt, a med chunk of fabric or a towel. We can use the mundane, average and boring as well as the more unique. I will bring some too! Please put your name on it somewhere.

Anne Redish


Anne has made a worn-Mammoth; costumes for a cast of sixty Irish and English from 1710 with some on horseback, costumed a character named RADIUM (and the rest of the cast), named after the nuclear element; Stage Managed School-tours and taught sewing to New Canadians who spoke no English! Anne is always eager to encourage and inspire creative individuals, by giving them some skill-tools to use for theatre costuming! She taught Costuming and Stage Management in the Department of Drama, Queen’s University, from ’95 to ’13, deeply enjoying working with the fabulous students and always learning from amazing projects with great directors.  Anne has been Costume Designer or Stage Manager (and at least once BOTH) for various theatres including: Theatre Kingston; Thousand Islands Playhouse; Centaur Theatre, Montreal; Festival Players of Prince Edward County; 4th Line Theatre, Millbrook; Classic Theatre, Perth; Huron Country Playhouse; Tarragon Theatre; Black Theatre Canada, Toronto; Nightwood Theatre, Toronto; and Phoenix Theatre, Toronto.  Before working at Queen’s, she studied at Queen’s University (B.A.H./ B.Ed.) and The National Theatre School of Canada, Montreal. Recently Anne has also been focusing on her United Empire Loyalist roots, researching and working with various heritage education groups in her role as Kingston and District Branch Secretary & Genealogist, and Central-East Regional Vice-President. 

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