Project Leader: Kay Kenney

Directors/Choreographers: Cleo Bennett, Holly Crowson, Cristina Goncalves, Ciana Henderson, Kay Kenney, Charlotte Tessier


Movement Market Series is a new dance platform in Kingston offering movement based artists an opportunity to collaborate, network, create and perform.  The evening will consist of contemporary dance works created by five local artists at different stages in their artistic career; youth, pre-professional, emerging and professional.

Ways for Youth to Get Involved:

Auditions coming up February 10, Click Here for more
You can join our production team, check out the notice below!


A Storefront Downtown
Event Location Announced this March

Performance Schedule: 

Thursday May 3 to Saturday May 5 (Show Schedule TBA)


Tickets available March 1


We are currently looking for:

Production Manager/Technical Director

This position is the combined duties of a Theatre PM and TD, applicants should be well organized and have knowledge of technical equipment such as lighting and sound. The PM/TD will be required to work with all project members to create a production timeline, oversee deadlines, source technical equipment and production elements, create tech week and strike schedules, aid in set-up and takedown of the performance space, and oversee general maintenance and safety of the performance area. 

Stage Manager

This position will primarily consist of scheduling rehearsals for dance pieces, as well as managing the performances during the Festival. The SM will be tasked with ensuring that all choreographers have the resources they require to rehearse. In the weeks leading up to the performance, the SM will be required to sit in on a few rehearsals for each piece to track props, costume changes, etc. and then be present throughout tech week and for all performances to oversee presets, warm-ups, technical requirements and call the show. 

Assistant Stage Managers

Helping the Stage Manager throughout the process, ASMs will support during rehearsals and show prep! 

Costume Designer

Dance shows have unique visions to tell powerful stories through movement. The costume designer will work with the creative team to develop unique character costumes that allow performers to move well while showing character. 

Movement Market- Production Application

Age Range:

What position(s) are you interested in?