Improvisation and Ecstatic Dance


Thursday, May 6th




A Zoom link will be emailed to registered participants.

Workshop Description

This improv dance workshop invites you to come as you are. Tired, angry, happy, anxious, depressed, all are welcome. This space is designed for you to explore yourself through movement and music. A most winning combination. We will focus on how things feel in your body, rather than how they look to the outside, through simple exercises that help bring your awareness to the nuances of movement. There will be the opportunity to let it fly! I will cue you to help spark inspiration while we dive into what might be new territory, but this is your time, you get to make the decisions about what feels best for you. Improv dance is about getting out of your head and into your body. So, with this invitation, I hope you bring curiosity to this exercise of introspection, and leave judgement at the door.

Requirements/Materials Needed 

-Wear comfy clothes you can move in