Personal Branding 101

Facilitated by Claire Bouvier


May 3rd from 1:00-2:30 PM

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Workshop Description

Long gone are the days when you could just run ads or make announcements about a new product or service. Today we need to build authentic relationships with our customers. When promoting yourself, a personal approach is by far the best – especially in the digital world. In this workshop you will understand what a personal brand is and how to cultivate it both online and offline. Learn to build trust and credibility and become the go-to person for the awesome that you are creating in this world.

Requirements/Materials Needed

-Pad of paper and a pen

Claire Bouvier

Claire Bouvier's work is dedicated to FEiST — Female Entrepreneurs in Small Towns.
She has an insatiable appetite for learning, and a genuine curiosity and love for people.
This has enabled her to create unique connections and surround herself with a diverse community of entrepreneurs. Claire’s latest venture is FEiST Studio — an extension of FEiST, as is most of her work. She has past and present experience in; teaching, photography, public speaking, music, sports, fashion, design, travel, tv hosting, art directing and creative design.Claire’s goal is to help women around the globe build their confidence, harness their strengths and become strong leaders in their community.