Pottery for Beginners

Facilitated by Dawn Sieben

* This workshop has 2 Sessions

Date: Sunday, May 7

Time(s): 10am-11:30am AND 1pm-2:30pm

Location: The Potters Guild, Tett Centre

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Workshop Description

Start with a rectangular slab of clay provided, you will be shown how to make a three legged vase or a mug from it. First you decorate it by using various items to leave marks, you may bring your own tool for this but some will be provided. A doily lightly pressed into the slab, a button, stamps, jewelry, shells or it could even be the bottom of your shoe, whatever you can imagine. Shape it, seal it, you will create a handle and add a base for a mug. We will bisque fire it to 967degC then wax the bottom, Glaze it with your choice of our class glazes and fire it to Cone 6 at 1222degC. It will take a few weeks to complete this process and pieces will be available for pick up once the Potters Guild has completed this process.

Requirements/What to bring

No requirements

Dawn Sieben

../../Dawn-pottery%20(1).jpgI have been a chandler (candle maker) since I was 14. I enjoy being creative, five years ago I enrolled in a pottery class and fell in love with how clay can express your imagination so easily. I took nine classes in a row sometimes two at a time. You learn different skills from each teacher. I excelled at hand building and enjoy creating animal sculptures. Today I am one of the "Introduction to clay" instructors and an active studio member at the Potters' Guild living the dream in my spare time.