Juvenis Skill Builders

The Juvenis Festival: April 28-May 6

The Juvenis Festival Skill Builders are in 3 different categories to support your interest level in several topics of the arts!

1) Workshops

Great for beginners! If you are just getting into a topic or skill, or just have a general interest, workshops are for you! These 1 hour or 90 minute sessions will introduce you to a new skill or topic in the arts. 

2) Panel Talks

These talks are a great introduction to the arts from those working in a specific field. All levels will be interested in Panel Talks, as we get together a group of working professionals of a wide age range to discuss topics in the arts.

3) Masterclasses

These are more advanced workshops, where a professional will spend a longer time going over a skill, technique or topic for young people who have more experience or at least come from a starting point of understanding that topic. Masterclasses are often longer, and are not targeted towards beginners! 

These types of Workshops, Panel Talks or Masterclasses often cost anywhere between $100-$500 to take, but our entire series is free!

The full schedule of Skill Builders is coming soon! If you have an idea for a workshop, panel talk or masterclass, either that  you'd like to lead or just thoughts on what you'd like to see, email us at info@juvenisfestival.ca