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2017 Workshop Schedule

We have an exciting lineup of arts-based workshops for youth ages 13-30 in this year's festival! All workshops are free of charge for participants and will be taking place across the city between April 30 and May 7. Our workshops range in value from $150-$500, so this an opportunity you won't want to miss.

April 30- May 7

The following workshops are sorted by art discipline. Please click on each workshop title for date, location and registration information. 


Vocals Masterclass with Tim Stiff- Bring what it is you sing!  Whatever your repertoire or interest, Tim can coach you and make suggestions for improvement not only for that particular piece, but for anything you sing and how you sing it. 

The Music Side of a Musical with Hugh Johnston- The role of the composer, performers and Musical Director in creating musical Musical Theatre.This workshop will examine the roles and training needed to be a musical theatre composer, musical director and indeed singer/actor by tracing the evolution of a show tune from conception to presentation.


Drum and Dance with Yessica Rivera Belsham and Nomsa Mngoma- Relax during the free movement opening, followed by fun and dynamic drumming and dancing with Yessica's custom Mexica/Aztec inspired dance drums, then engage in amazing Latin moves such as salsa and samba with Nomsa

Musical Theatre Dance with Melissa Prince- This workshop will focus on dance for musical theatre shows. Great for all levels, combining dance and drama, working on character through movement and the basics of dance styles that are commonly used in choreography for Musical Theatre productions. 

Let's Move! Contemporary Dance with Kay Kenney- This workshop is geared towards anyone interested in experiencing a contemporary dance class.  Working with a live musician paired with dynamic movement, and utilizing tools used for composition, this class will have you leaving the studio sweating and smiling. All levels welcome!

Visual Arts

SFX Makeup with Joseph Hinds- Basic makeup for film / theatre including character breakdown, cuts and bruising, application of pre-made prosthetics transfer. with room for Q&A and demos based on requests of participants. 

Landscape Painting with Phoebe Cohoe

Visual Storytelling with Katharine Vingoe-Cram-  Have you always been interested telling stories through drawing? In this session on sequential drawing, suitable for all levels, we will draw from a range of examples - from comics and graphic novels to narrative drawing in a contemporary art context - to create two complementary drawings that suggest a narrative


Art Journaling with Heather Kushum Sheedy-  The idea that art programs can build community and bridge gaps is so powerful – Let’s get together, tap into our creativity to express, learn and grow!

Origami with Oliver Pontbriand- The origami workshop will teach you the basics of paper folding, including the types of folds, the rules of origami, and different techniques for sculpting. The workshop will culminate in learning how to make your very own flower arrangement model.

Silkscreen T-Shirts with Phoebe Cohoe- In this workshop we will discuss how to create a striking image-based t-shirt design. You'll learn the basics of screen-printing using stencils to create your own T-shirt.


Pottery for Beginners with Dawn Sieben- Start with a rectangular slab of clay provided, you will be shown how to make a three legged vase or a mug from it...for more click on the workshop title! *WORKSHOP FULL*


Event Photography with Mark Bergin and Sophia Kendall- This workshop will take you to events throughout Juvenis to learn about taking photographs during arts events, including editing, planning shots and working with clients. 

Landscape Photography with Claudia Pawlak- This workshop will focus on landscape photography as well as taking a fine art approach towards capturing architecture.


Site Specific Staging with Aimee Bouchard- Learn how to get your audience out of their seats and into the world of your show!

Audition Workshop with Ryan Cowl and Maddy Schaefer Scovil

Improv with Dan Walmsely- In this 90 minute session participants will explore the fundamentals of performing improvisational theatre including, how to do simple mime, scene creation and support your fellow performer.

Directing: A round table discussion with Chiamaka Ugwu & Sarah Phillips- An open discussion about directing led by Chiamaka Ugwu and Sarah Phillips- 2 dynamic directors and theatre artists with extensive, diverse backgrounds that range from Artistic Direction to making your mark in the big city.

Performance Techniques with Ryan Cowl and Maddy Schaefer Scovil- Learn a variety of useful techniques that range from projection to posture and more to help make your performances as effective & powerful as possible.


Lying to Tell the Truth (Spoken Word) with Johnny MacRae- This workshop questions the authenticity of the first person perspective in spoken word performance, and asks how fictionalized voices can offer unexpected ways for poets to speak truths.