2017 Workshop Schedule

We have an exciting lineup of arts-based workshops for youth ages 13-30 in this year's festival! All workshops are free of charge for participants and will be taking place across the city between April 20 and May 7. Our workshops range in value from $150-$500, so this an opportunity you won't want to miss.

More titles will be announced soon as well as a full schedule

Workshop Registration will open March 1

Pre- Festival

Performance Techniques with Maddy Schaefer Scovil & Ryan Cowl

Audition Workshops with Maddy Schaefer Scovil & Ryan Cowl

During the Festival- April 30- May 7


Drum Circle with Yessica Rivera Belsham

Vocals Masterclass with Tim Stiff

The Music Side of a Musical with Hugh Johnston


Drum and Dance with Yessica Rivera Belsham

Music Theatre Dance with Melissa Prince

Visual Arts

SFX Makeup with Joseph Hinds

Landscape Painting with Phoebe Cohoe


Art Journaling with Heather Kushum Sheedy

Origami with Oliver Pontbriand

Silkscreen T-Shirts with Phoebe Cohoe


Pottery with Dawn Sieben 


Event Photography with Mark Bergin

Beginner Photography with Claudia Pawlak


Costume Design with Anne Redish

Immersive Staging with Aimee Bouchard

Improv with Dan Walmsely


Lying to Tell the Truth (Poetry) with Johnny MacRae