Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Call for Playwrights

How does the series work?

A team of passionate playwrights, devisers, and performers are recruited to bring to light youth issues in the Kingston community. By reaching out to sources in Kingston, such as shelters, youth groups, and rehabilitation facilities, the team will collect first-hand research to inform and support a series of plays that tell the true stories of youth in the Kingston community--and do these stories justice in being represented. After the research has been collected, the team will work together to produce the series of plays that will be presented as a part of the Juvenis Festival.

"The Out of Sight, Out of Mind project is a rewarding opportunity for all involved, as it provides the chance to peek behind the veil covering youth issues and shed light on controversial topics so often overlooked."

Call for Playwrights

Submissions for playwrights and concepts have now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of the selected playwrights!!