Drum and Dance

Facilitated by Yessica Rivera Belsham & Nomsa Mngoma

Date: Tuesday May 2

Time: 4:30pm-6:30pm

Location: Isabel Turner Library

Registration: Has now closed. 

Workshop Description

Come drum and dance with Nomsa and Yessica! Relax during the free movement opening, followed by fun and dynamic drumming and dancing with Yessica's custom Mexica/Aztec inspired dance drums, then engage in amazing Latin moves such as salsa and samba with Nomsa! Don't miss out of this dynamic duo workshop lead by Nomsa and Yessica!

Requirements/What to bring

Wear comfortable clothing and some water to drink.

Yessica Rivera Belsham

Nomsa Mngoma & Yessica Rivera Belsham.jpgRecognized for drumming world rhythms passionately across the Kingston community since 2007, Mexican-Canadian artist, Yessica Rivera Belsham also has a vibrant history of Tahitian and Latin American dance in Mexico that is being embraced in the community. circleofwellness.ca@gmail.com

Nomsa Mngoma

Nomsa is from South Africa and has been drumming since childhood. She also loves to dance and has been teaching Latin dancing in Kingston for many years.