Mixed Media

A 12x12 art show hung at the KSOA Window Art Gallery. It will be on for two weeks and can be put online if needed. Mixed people, backgrounds, views, etc. while using actual mixed medias, hopefully to create a mural on the walls. 

Get Involved

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  • Assistant Curators (3)
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Project Assistant

Application Deadline: February 15th at 3pm

Project Leader: London Hosier

Hello! My name is London Hosier. I use She/Her pronouns and this is my first Juvenis Festival! I love all arts but my main two are dance and visual art. I moved to Kingston 3 years ago from Fort Worth Texas and very much love it here and am excited to be involved with the arts locally. I am an avid Taylor Swift, Marvel fan and lover of books. My project this year is a 12x12 art show named ‘Mixed Media’ and I am very excited to be participating in the 2022 Juvenis Festival this spring.