2019 Festival Skill Builders

All workshops are free and open to anyone ages 13 - 30

To register, click on the name of the workshop below and fill out the form on the workshop page. Times, locations and artist information is also available on each of the workshop pages. 

**Our skill builders are eligible student activities for Arts and Culture SHSM Programs. More details can be found on each workshop page.**

Wednesday May 1


Discipline: Photography

This workshop will offer tips on photographic skills and professional etiquette in the theatre and dance worlds as well as tips for surviving on the street. Participants will gain the skills in combining the science/technology of the camera with the art of photographic composition and style.

Clowning Workshop

Discipline: Acting
Olivia Rondeau

Thursday May 2

Contemporary Art Party 

Discipline: Visual Art

Create colourful t-shirts using screenprints and stencils at Barb Danielewski's Contemporary Art Party.

CONTEST: Click on the workshop to find out more. 

Art Hive: Live Journey

Discipline: Visual Art

In this hands-on art hive workshop, participants will be creating their life journey by collaging a CD jewel case cover, painting the CD inside and finally, creating a personal list of meaning life tunes and/or your liner notes biography

Friday May 3

Musical Theatre Dance

Discipline: Dance

This workshop will allow dancers of all levels to explore different components of musical dance while incorporating their own style and dance backgrounds. Ally will be presenting a Musical Theatre workshop incorporating elements of different dance genres and Musicals/musical choreographers while including elements of character and performance.

Saturday May 4

Self Care: Avoiding Injury and Creative Burnout

Discipline: Music

Learn how proper self-care can impact your creativity and overall performance outcome. It is only when you are well physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that you can express your gifts in their truest form.

Freestyle and Popping Workshop

Discipline: Dance

Jefferson Chuong is instructing a beginner workshop on the Popping street dance, the exploration of movement and freestyle.

Intuitive Writing 

Discipline: Creative Writing

The intuitive writing workshop Bruce Kauffman developed about 7 years ago is based on concepts about writing he began to better understand as the substance and style of what he was writing began to change. This workshop is designed as less of a 'how to write well' and more of a 'why should I write - and from where?' incentive.

Sunday May 5

Collage for All

Discipline: Visual Arts

"Collage for All" is an inclusive workshop that anyone, art background or not, can attend. There will be magazines, collage kits and stickers along with other materials needed to create collages.

Printmaking: Intro to Linocut 

Discipline: Visual Art

Linocut printmaking is a fun and accessible printing medium for all ages and levels of experience. In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn how to design, carve and hand-print your own linocut and create a limited edition.

Monday May 6

Introduction to Improvisational Theatre

Discipline: Film/Theatre

In this session participants will explore the fundamentals of performing improvisational theatre including, how to do simple mime, scene creation and support your fellow performer.

Tuesday May 7

Burying Dead Metaphors

Discipline: Creative Writing

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring different methods of creating unique, original metaphors, so that we can leave old fashioned tropes behind.

Checklist and Prompt Books: Stage Management 101

Discipline: Drama

This workshop will cover the basics of stage management and how to run a rehearsal process. Come learn about this not-so-scary job and get tools to help you run a show smoothly. You'll learn how to manage actors, make a calendar, and how to write a prompt book.

Thursday May 9

Intro to Pop Music Performances 

Discipline: Music

In this workshop you will learn the basics of performing a pop song. It will be focus on what pop is all about, including; basic mic techniques, song structure, basic staging and movement. By the end of this workshop, you will have learned and staged a group pop performance number.

So You Want to be an Illustrator or Animator?

Discipline: Visual Art

In this workshop, you will use techniques to help develop imaginary worlds for visual storytelling. 

                       Friday May 10

Monologues for U!

Discipline: Drama

In this Workshop we will dissect what makes a good monologue, traps that are easy to fall into when picking a monologue, and what people are looking for when when auditioning you.

SFX Makeup 

Discipline: SFX Makeup

Basic makeup for film / theatre including character breakdown, cuts and bruising, application of pre-made prosthetics transfer. with room for Q&A and demos based on requests of participants.

Saturday May 11th           

Portrait Photography: Manipulation & Obstruction of Light

Discipline: Photography 

Participants will be introduced to ways in which natural light can be manipulated to achieve successful portraits in limited conditions. Conceptual methods will be taught by Claudia Pawlak, as well as the exploration of the obstruction of light to create intricate portraits. 

Performing Arts Re-EnVisoned


Through the workshop Sarina and Natalie plan to educate performers, directors and choreographers on different types of vision loss through a power point presentation, facilitated discussion, and simulation exercises.