The Juvies!

Nominees will be announced on the last Sunday of the Juvenis Festival


Past Award Winners

Outstanding Project

2017: Homeschooled: The Musical, project leader Ryan Cowl

Outstanding Original Content

2017: BEAT, KFPL Youth Short Film By Anastasia Szymanski, Tiffany Ledesma and Pascale Potvin

Outstanding Direction

2017: Kala Raju, Director of Another Eye, KFPL Youth Short Film

Outstanding Design

2017: Kay Kenney and Rachel Shaen for UNFAMILIAR

Outstanding Music Performance

2017: The Banters

Outstanding Lead Performer

2017: Alyssa Cooper- The Poetry Show

Outstanding Supporting Performer

2017: Katie Johnstone- Homeschooled the Musical

Outstanding Ensemble

2017: The Cast of Homeschooled the Musical

Outstanding Volunteer

2017: Sé Flannagan & Andrea Rivadeneyra

An Encore Performance

2017: Henry Banks, cup stacking from Viva Voce

The Winner of "Rapid Reel"

2017: Glance by Film Footprints

The Winner of "Battle of the Bands"

2017: Sweep Trio