'juvenis' - a Latin word meaning “youth” or “youthful”

Blue Canoe Productions' The Juvenis Festival: Kingston’s youth-led, not-for-profit, Youth Arts Festival engages youth between the ages of 13 and 30 throughout the Kingston community. The Juvenis Festival generates opportunities for local young artists to showcase their work, as well as educational programming that will allow them to further develop their skills in the arts. The Juvenis Festival has three main areas of focus: arts education, professional development, and youth-curated and created arts presentations.  The Juvenis Festival aims to provide a platform for Kingston youth that celebrates young people in the arts and their invaluable contribution to our community.

The 2019 festival will be held from Wednesday May 1- Saturday, May 11

What is Art?

"Anything you participate in that helps you tackle the impossible task of communicating who you are." - Cristina Goncalves (Juvy 2016)

Our Goals

  1. Broadcast the creative voice of youth in Kingston
  2. Generate opportunities for young artists to lead their own creative processes with the support of their peers and professional mentors 
  3. Provide youth with a safe, positive space for learning, artistic experimentation and the opportunity for growth and professional development, free of charge
  4. Partner with and support youth organizations to inspire our community to open their eyes and ears to the voices and ideas of youth
  5.  Broaden the general public’s perception of young people’s contribution to the arts by presenting a professional and engaging youth-led showcase

The festival takes place during the first week of May as a part of the National Youth Arts Week and National Youth Week initiatives.  National Youth Arts Week is celebrated in communities all across Canada and is presented by  Arts Network for Children and Youth (ANCY), a national non-profit community arts service organization.  “The goal of the week is to celebrate youth-led creative expression and community involvement,” you can visit the NYAW website to find out more information on this nation-wide movement.

Who We Are

Blue Canoe Theatrical Productions Inc. facilitates Kingston’s Youth Arts Festival and is a not-for-profit, Kingston-based, youth-run theatre company.  It has been a voice for youth in the Kingston arts community since 2006. Through theatrical productions, music performances and storytelling events, Blue Canoe has engaged over two thousand youth who range from the ages of 11 to 30.  In recent years, Blue Canoe Productions has become exposed to a wider range of arts disciplines and has partnered with other youth leaders, youth organizations and other prominent community leaders. These collaborations have brought to light the need for an increase in accessible arts programming that directly serves the interests and needs of youth, as communicated by the young people themselves.  Visit the Blue Canoe website for more information about the organization and upcoming events.

What "YOUTH" Means to us

Blue Canoe Productions defines ‘youth’ as anyone between the ages of 13-30, regardless of their educational status. The Juvenis Youth Arts Festival serves and celebrates this under-recognized demographic, beginning with a staff comprised entirely of youth, because who knows young people better than young people themselves?   Both in the workplace and throughout the festival, we are establishing a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment that offers unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.