**Deadline Friday December 2nd by 6:00pm **

What are Projects?

Projects are a mix of events and productions that take place within our festival. These can be anything from a theatre show, a concert, film competition, art show, etc. They are all youth led, many produced by local youth groups in Kingston.

Check out the application form below and contact us with any questions! 

Program Submission Information:

We have some general information and requirements below, but feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Please fill out the form (please keep your answers brief!). We will be contacting you for a meeting with the programming team early in December where you can give more information. 

Your project must be youth run and target young people as participants. Only projects meeting the mandate and goals of the festival will be accepted. 

If you are interested in submitting a workshop or education proposal, please contact Jane Karges at jane@juvenisfestival.ca

Projects can be anything from theatre productions to concerts, ticketed events, free events, events by donation, etc. 

Submission Form

Please indicate your age range:

What art form would your proposed project fall under:

Please contact info@juvenisfestival.ca if you have questions about programming