**Project Submissions have closed **

What are Projects?

Projects are a mix of arts events and productions that take place during our festival in and aroundKingston, Ontario (from April 28-May 6, 2018). These can be anything from a theatre show, a concert, a film showcase, an art show, etc. All projects must be led by youth between the ages of 13-30. If you have an idea for an arts-based project, we want to hear it!!

We will be offering funding for space, equipment rentals, general expenses, marketing support, and general administrative guidance to successful applicants! 

What we’re looking for:

Your idea doesn’t need to be perfectly planned out, but we do want a sense of your thoughts on:

  • What other team members you would require to help you
  • How many roles are available to youth
  • What kind of venue you have in mind for this event
  • If funding is required, how much would be helpful and what would you need it for? (budget not required, but you can create one if you like)
  • Ideal length of time for your event (ex. 1 hour for our poetry show)

And most importantly…

  • Why your project will be an important experience for young people involved in the process
  • How your idea will impact local youth (beyond those directly involved in the project)


How to Apply:

The deadline for Project Submissions is December 1st, 2017 at 6pm.

Just fill out this simple application form at the bottom of the page. if you have any issues with the form, feel free to contact us!

There will be a short, casual interview process in the beginning of December.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Managing Director, Jane Karges at jane@juvenisfestival.ca 

Please contact info@juvenisfestival.ca if you have questions about programming!