Friday May 4 to Wednesday May 9

Project Leader: Emma Halchuk

A collection of creative works encompassing yarn, string, or fabric.

Ways Youth Can Get Involved:

Apply now to join Threads by filling out the form below!


Tett Centre Community Gallery
Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning
370 King St W

Gallery Hours:

Please Note: This Gallery remains open after the Juvenis Festival has officially closed on May 6, the hours will be posted soon. 


Entry is Free!

Applications to join "Threads"!

Application deadline

Friday, April 20 by 11:59pm

How to submit your work:

There are 2 steps to our submission process for the Threads Gallery. Both parts are very important to ensure that we have all the necessary information, so please be sure to complete both steps:

Step 1:

Please complete the online submission form below

Step 2: 

Please send an email to with the following information to complete your submission. You don't need to have finished your piece of artwork, we accept proposals for ideas that have yet to be created too:

  1. Brief description for each piece you're submitting:
    Please list the title, date created, and dimensions for each artwork you are submitting. If you haven't created your piece yet, please include a description of what you are planning to create. 
  2. Artist Statement/Bio(one paragraph)- please tell us a bit about yourself and your art style
  3. Photos of artwork:
    Please attached .jpeg files to your email.

**Please label all documents chronologically with your name (ex. JohnSnow_1, JohnSnow_2 and so on)***

Threads Application

Age Range