Festival Awards

At the end of each Juvenis Festival, award winners are announced at the closing event where they are presented with a certificate as a way to thank everyone for their outstanding contributions.

Outstanding Project

2021: We're All On Zoom Together (Virtual), project leader Santina Hughes
2018: Constellate Showcase, project leader Michael Broadhead and Maureen Barnes
2017: Homeschooled: The Musical, project leader Ryan Cowl 

Outstanding Original Content

2022: Life of August, by Jimena Ramos Yengle
2021: Time Anthology, project leader Maria Zarin
2018: Pipe Dreams by Maddy Roach and Dimitri Georgaras
2017: BEAT, KFPL Youth Short Film By Anastasia Szymanski, Tiffany Ledesma and Pascale Potvin

Outstanding Direction

2022: Tobias Partridge, Director of A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder
2021: Jack Burnham, Director, Writer and Project leader for True North
2018: Mindy Chen, Jacob Akman, Deven Bernard & Nathan Yee for Dear Future Me, KFPL Youth Short Film
2017: Kala Raju, Director of Another Eye, KFPL Youth Short Film

Outstanding Design

2022: London Hosier, project leader for Mixed Media
2021: Emma Detomasi, project leader for Young Works
2018: Sam Woods for Sound Design for "a love story" in Beyond the Page
2017: Kay Kenney and Rachel Shaen for UNFAMILIAR

Most Resilient

2021: Evil Dead, project leader Tobias Partridge & Battle of the Bands, project leader Owen Fullerton

Creative Contribution

2022: Saudade, project leader Luka Wrenshall
2021: Rising Solitude, project leader Olivia Ows

Outstanding Music Performance

2022: FogRoom, performance in Battle of the Beats
2021: Meg Gibson, performance of Alice in Viva Voce
2018: Reckless 4
2017: The Banters

Outstanding Lead Performer

2022: Thomas Cherney- A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder
2018: Callum Lurie- Spring Awakening
2017: Alyssa Cooper- The Poetry Show

Outstanding Supporting Performer

2022: Hayden Billings- 13 the Musical
2021: Katie Irwin- True North
2018: Keady Morgan- a love story (Beyond the Page)
2017: Katie Johnstone- Homeschooled the Musical

Outstanding Ensemble

2022: The Cast of 13 the Musical
2021: The Cast of Young Works
2018: The Cast of Movement Market Series
2017: The Cast of Homeschooled the Musical

Outstanding Artwork

2022: "Ready When Not" by Zakary Georges-Gagné
2021: Samarra De Jonge

Outstanding Writing

2021: Shaelyn Ryan

An Encore Performance

2022: Shawn and Micah Garvin, from Viva Voce
2021: Isabella Thomas and Claire Cooper
2018: Odette, from Constellate Showcase
2017: Henry Banks, cup stacking from Viva Voce

The Winner of "Rapid Reel"

2018: Saturday Morning by Fudgecakeman
2017: Glance by Film Footprints

The Winner of "Battle of the Bands"

2022: Meg Gibson
2018: Hallowood
2017: Sweep Trio