A look back at

The Juvenis Festival 2021

A Message from Our Team...

This year's festival has been different from any before! We have had to adapt to a virtual environment, prepare for a variety of challenges and overcome the ever-changing regulations throughout our 10 months of preparation. 

We could not be more thankful for everyone who has been a part of making this festival a success. We are astounded by the resilience and creativity of the young artists who continued to create despite these overwhelming and confusing times. What the festival became this year is a testament to the strength of Kingston's youth arts community and of the potential for a vibrant artistic future in our community. 

The projects are still available to experience in case you missed it and we still have a few projects set to take place once COVID-19 regulations allow for it. Though we don't not what next year will bring, we know that the Juvenis Festival will move forward once again in 2022 and that we will overcome whatever challenges come our way once again!

-Maya Meyerman and Kate Seip (Co-managing Directors)

Our Projects

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Rising Solitude

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Other Events

Opening Event

The Night of Many Superheroes

KFO Maker Challenge

Juvenis Jams

Connections: Youth Photovoice Project
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In Conversation Series

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Find out more about how we approach the Juvenis Festival and why we do what we do!

On the last Friday of every month, we are discussing a different topic that is relevant to the Juvenis Festival or to our participants. All of the videos can be found on the Blue Canoe Productions Youtube Page under the Juvenis 2021 playlist. The link to the video is also provided to each video below. This series will run from September 2020 to April 2021.

Current videos:

  • September: Opportunities and Engagement (here)
  • October: Spooky Style! Costumes and Editing (here)
  • November: Introducing Project Leaders! (here)
  • December: Looking Back and 2021 Resolutions (here)
  • January: Blue Canoe Building Blocks (here)
  • February: Creating Community (here)
  • March: The Impact of COVID-19 (here)
  • April: Festival Guide (here)

Do you have any ideas about what you'd like us to talk about? Email Maya at maya.meyerman@bluecanoetheatrical.ca to let us know!

Juvenis Festival 2021 Program

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