Art Form:

Visual Art & Poetry


April 29th to May 8th



Project Leader:

Olivia Ows


During this period of isolation, Rising Solitude is a reminder that “sol”, meaning “sun”, will soon be on the rise. For this project, I will be leading four monthly workshop sessions over Zoom, with the first hour dedicated to Poetry and the second to Visual Art (you are free to attend one or both hours). This workshop is the perfect chance to meet other youth with overlapping interests. My project will also culminate in an in-person exhibition to showcase the content produced over the course of the workshop. Touching on the theme of the positive and negative aspects of mental health during the pandemic, this is an opportunity to share your work with others and lift spirits within the greater community. Ultimately, Rising Solitude aims to fuel a strong, creative outlet within a community of like-minded people of any skill level.

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About the Project Leader...

My name is Olivia Ows and my pronouns are she/her! I am eighteen years old and a first year Interior Design student at Ryerson University. When it comes to visual art and poetry, it is important to me to use my passions to give back to my community. In 2018, one of my poems was printed across the skating rink boards of a public park; this past summer, I helped initiate a mural painting project in my high school; and recently, three more of my poems were published in Arc Poetry Magazine. Although my creative journey has been rewarding, it has never been independent. As a Project Leader, I hope to provide an accessible opportunity for learning and self-expression to pay forward all the support I have received from those who believe in young people’s potential.