What is Juvenis?

'juvenis' - a Latin word meaning “youth” or “youthful”

The Juvenis Festival is Kingston's Youth Arts Festival, one the few youth arts festivals in all of Canada! Juvenis showcases the talented YGK youth of ages 13 to 30.  Juvenis gives young people an opportunity to act, sing, dance, perform, and showcase their artistic talents, as well as take free workshops to build on their interests and skills in the arts. Those involved in this festival are 30 and under, including paid staff positions, participants and volunteers. While our workshops are only open to youth, we invite community members of all ages to take in Juvenis productions and events!


The Juvenis Festival provides a platform for youth in the Kingston area to participate in the arts and for the community to engage with the invaluable contribution of young artists.  


For youth to have a safe and creative space to inspire the community and generate a vibrant future for the arts.


The Juvenis Festival generates opportunities for youth aged 30 and under of varying experience levels to develop their skills in the arts and showcase their work. We maintain Blue Canoe’s focus on arts education and youth-led arts presentations while emphasizing professional development, process-based learning and experimentation.

Our Goals

  1. Broadcast the creative voice of youth in Kingston
  2. Generate opportunities for young artists to lead their own creative processes with the support of their peers and professional mentors 
  3. Provide youth with a safe, positive space for learning, artistic experimentation and the opportunity for growth and professional development, free of charge
  4. Partner with and support youth organizations to inspire our community to open their eyes and ears to the voices and ideas of youth
  5.  Broaden the general public’s perception of young people’s contribution to the arts by presenting a professional and engaging youth-led showcase

What "YOUTH" Means to us

Blue Canoe Productions defines ‘youth’ as anyone 30 and under, regardless of their educational status. The Juvenis Youth Arts Festival serves and celebrates this under-recognized demographic, beginning with a staff comprised entirely of youth, because who knows young people better than young people themselves?   Both in the workplace and throughout the festival, we are establishing a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment that offers unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Land Acknowledgement 

Blue Canoe’s Juvenis Festival takes place in the city colonially known as Kingston on the territory of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee peoples. We would like to acknowledge the traditional occupants of this land, to honour those who call this land home since time immemorial, and to honour those who live here now but whose spirits are tied to other parts of Turtle Island. It is with humility and gratitude that we honour and respect the privilege to learn, grow, connect, and nurture the creativity of our youth on this land. Today and every day, we invite you to reflect on your relationship to the land, the people, and the ongoing history of the place(s) you call home. 

About Blue Canoe

Blue Canoe Theatrical Productions Inc. facilitates Kingston’s Youth Arts Festival and is a not-for-profit, Kingston-based, youth-run theatre company.  It has been a voice for youth in the Kingston arts community since 2006. Through theatrical productions, music performances and storytelling events, Blue Canoe has engaged over two thousand youth who are under the age of 30.  In recent years, Blue Canoe Productions has become exposed to a wider range of arts disciplines and has partnered with other youth leaders, youth organizations and other prominent community leaders. These collaborations have brought to light the need for an increase in accessible arts programming that directly serves the interests and needs of youth, as communicated by the young people themselves.  Visit the Blue Canoe website for more information about the organization and upcoming events.