Time Anthology

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Writing & Visual Arts


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My project is a Time Anthology, meaning that I am putting together a collection of short stories, poems and essays all revolving around the topic of time. To me, time is more so an abstract construct, and I believe we each have different interpretations about our pasts, present and futures. This personal relationship is what I would like to explore with my project, so I invite contributors to write pieces that highlight the theme of time. It is up to you to decide which role time will play in your pieces, and you can choose to make them solely about childhoods (the past), some struggles currently experienced by peers aged 13-30 (present), or even different generations' outlook on their future. Of course, these are just some examples, but I am looking forward to reading diverse and unique spins on the topic of Time. The final product will be a printed book.

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About the Project Leader...

Hi! My name is Maria Zarin and I am a first year student at Concordia University in Montreal. My interests are varied (I like history, languages and movies) but I would describe myself as a creative and passionate person who likes to delve deep into various topics and explore them through many mediums. I like to meet new people and discuss many topics over a warm cup of tea (peppermint is my favourite :)). I am excited to work with a wide range of individuals who are creatives and who are searching for opportunities to express themselves through writing. If you are looking for an opportunity to practice sharing your outlook on a subject like Time, then you've come to the right place!

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