We're All On Zoom Together

Art Form:

Musical Theatre (Cabaret)


May 1st @ 8pm


YouTube Premiere- HERE


“We’re All On Zoom Together” is a virtual cabaret featuring music from High School Musical 1, 2 & 3. With rehearsals done entirely through Zoom, cast and production team members will work with audio and video recordings to present an hour-long show full of HSM showstoppers! Audiences can expect a high degree of energetic and infectious performances so get your basketballs ready, Wildcats, and join us at 8pm on Saturday May 1st!

Cast And Crew

Santina Hughes --------------- Project Leader
Vanessa Romao ----------- Vocal Director
Meg Gibson ------------------- Cast
Erin Q.S. ------------------------ Cast
Chloe Bergeron --------------Cast
Claire Cooper ---------------- Cast
Samara De Jonge-------------Cast
Priya Ramachandran--------Cast
Kyla Stone -----------------------Cast
Charlie VanStone--------------Cast
Emma Detomasi --------------Cast
Leaf Bruce -----------------------Cast
Avalon Giroux-------------------Cast
Mika Romao---------------------Cast
Amelia Nelson------------------Cast
Izzy (Isabella) Thomas-------Cast
Liah French----------------------Cast

About the Project Leader...

Santina Hughes is a recent Queen’s Music graduate and is currently complete in her Bachelor of Education. As a passionate and driven arts enthusiast, Santina is ecstatic to be one of the Project Leaders for the Juvenis 2021 Festival. Santina has worked in various theatrical and music capacities, and is excited to partake in her fourth virtual cabaret with Blue Canoe! Storytelling, musical performance/leadership and arts administrations are a few of Santina’s artist passions that she thoroughly enjoys sharing with others. She is looking forward to continuing her experience engaging in virtual theatrical opportunities amongst youth and can not wait to see this project come together!