Modern Dance Workshop


Modern Dance (Beginner)


Saturday, May 7
th 2016; 1:30pm-3:00pm

No experience Required


A creative movement based workshop, aimed at those who have just started dancing or want to experience it.  We will start by working through basic movement elements that will lead into a improvisational score focusing on efficiency and commitment to choices.

WORKSHOP: Modern Dance (Advanced/Intermediate)


Saturday, May 7
th, 2016; 11:00am-1:00pm

The first section of the workshop will be working through contemporary technique exercises inspired by renown teacher: Peter Boneham.  Developing thorough physicality, efficiency and working with dynamics(very fast vs. very slow).  The second half will focus on interpretation and composition – remounting sections from the performance, “initially/unconditionally” performed in The Juvenis Festival.


Comfortable clothing. Particpants should arrive at least 10 minutes early for warm up.

For the advanced class: 3 years minimum of dance experience needed for advanced classes and 16-30yrs.

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Kay Kenney

Originally from Kingston, ON, Kay was introduced to dance through ballet, where she received up to her Intermediate Cecchetti certificate.  Kenney moved to Ottawa in 2009, to train in the Professional Contemporary Dance Programme, at The School of Dance, where she had the opportunity to perform in Dusk Dances(2011) and work with great Canadian artists such as Brian Webb, Susie Burpee, Louise Bédard, Martin Bélanger, Heidi Strauss and Sasha Ivanochko, as well as perform Joe/Rudolph in the Canada Dance Festival under the direction of Ginelle Chagnon (2012).  Since graduating in 2012, she has completed a performance internship, through The School of Dance, where she organized Dancing in the Street, an improv based series of outdoor performances throughout Ottawa.  Kay also performed for Caroline Barrière in L`ptit bistro (2012) and Cathy Kyle-Fenton in Outskirts of Town (2013). In the spring of 2013 she was hired as a guest choreographer under a Kingston Arts Council Grant, to return to Kingston to create and perform work through the Kingston School of Dance at The Grand Theatre.  Kenney danced for Dances By Youth For Youth(2012/2013/2014), a project mentored by Peter Boneham, and has assisted Boneham while teaching his intensive in Montreal.  Last fall Kay performed for Dorsale Dance/Sylvie Desrosiers and worked in collaboration with Andrea Nann/Dreamwalker Dance(The Whole Shebang) from August 2014 to January 2015.  Recently Kay has been teaching technique classes in Toronto, Ottawa and Kingston. Kenney is currently a company dancer with Ottawa Dance Directive, under artistic direction of Yvonne Coutts, and company Social Growl Dance, under artistic direction of Riley Sims(Toronto).