Youth Week in #YGK

There are lots of events beyond those in the Juvenis Festival that are happening in Kingston during National Youth Week. Take some time to check out these other great youth events in our city!!

Youth to Kingston (Y2K) has put together a comprehensive guide to National Youth Week in Kingston. Click here to see all of the amazing events they've put together, along with community events! 

Some highlights include:

Wednesday, May 3rd
3:00pm-5:00pm Shannon Park Skate Park Grand Opening *FREE*

Join us for music, a BBQ and demos from professional boarders as we launch a new skate park at the old Wally Elmer location in Shannon Park!

Friday, May 5th
9:00am-3:00pm Athena Movement Conference on “Women Empowerment” *FREE*

A female empowerment conference created by Kingston high school students featuring workshops, guest speakers and more, at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning and the Isabel Bader Centre at 370 King St W

4:00pm-6:00pm- Youth vs Police, Basketball Game *FREE*
Our annual event where the Kingston Police take on Kingston youth in a basketball game! Freezes and water provided, Springer Market Square

The Union Gallery features exhibitions by Queen's Students on display until May 19, 2017

Groundwork: paintings and prints by Nicole Emond, Sonya Fesiak, Kaitlin Groat, Alison Kruse, Emma White
Islands and The Woods: a sound installation by Jeremy Kerr

MAIN SPACE | Groundwork The Union Gallery is delighted to present Groundwork, a juried exhibition from Queen's University's 4th year Bachelor of Fine Art candidates. Asking how we learn through art, this exhibition explores arts-based inquiry through an engagement with diverse themes and fields including psychology and environmental studies. Employing a variety of processes, the artists in Groundwork offer new ways of seeing and understanding the world around us, through a practice of knowledge that is not only reflective but generative.
Artists featured in the exhibition: Nicole Emond, Sonya Fesiak, Kaitlin Groat, Alison Kruse and Emma White.

PROJECT ROOM | Islands and The Woods Jeremy Kerr's Islands and The Woods uses computer technology to generate an audio installation consisting of two soundscapes that are based on memories of places from the artist's past. Each soundscape incorporates a selection of personal field and studio recordings and sounds sourced from the Internet. Islands features a plethora of bird and frog calls gathered from locations as diverse as Barbados, Hawaii, Singapore and Japan. The Woods on the other hand features many environmental sounds gathered from colder locations such as Ontario, the United Kingdom and Russia including coyotes, wolves and varying wind and snow sounds. The installation offers the visitor an ever-changing sonic rendering of these two environments.