Play Series Submissions for Juvenis Festival 2024

Youth ages 13 to 30 have the opportunity to produce and showcase a single-act play to be included in the Juvenis Festival. The engagement would last from when their submission is accepted to the end of the festival (May). Play producers will be supported throughout the process through resources and professional development opportunities.


Play Requirements

  • Those submitting the play must be 30 years old or younger
  • Single-act play
  • Runtime of 20-45 minutes
  • Small cast and production team

What we’re looking for in the application:

We want a sense of your thoughts on:

  • What other team members you would require to help you
  • How many roles are available to youth
  • What kind of venue you have in mind for this event
  • If funding is required, how much would be helpful (an approximate estimate is acceptable) and what would you need it for? (budget not required, but you can create one if you like)
  • Ideal length of time for your play 
  • A copy of the script

And most importantly…

  • Why your project will be an important experience for young people involved in the process
  • How your idea will impact local youth and community (beyond those directly involved in the project)
If you have any questions please email:

Apply now!