Sculpture Workshop

Workshop: Sculpture 

When: 11am-2pm on Saturday May 7

Location: Agnes Etherington Art Centre


This workshop will focus on different techniques to put together simple materials, such as cardboard and matteboard and paint, to create expressive, abstract, sculptures. Participants will explore how subtle variations in angle, shape, and size, can turn a random pile of material into an evocative arrangement that expresses a feeling.

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Ben Darrah is a visual artist whose work focuses on the poetic nature of colour, form and texture and in particular orphaned cultural references, such as traditional camouflage pattern’s wide spread non-military use in urban settings. Adept in a range of media, Darrah’s work incorporates painting, assemblage, sculpture, installation, print and photography. He has shown in Ontario, Quebec, and Slovenia. His work can be found in private and public collections in North America and Europe. He lives and works in Kingston, Ontario.