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WORKSHOP: Film (Event coverage)

Tett Centre for Creativity

Monday May 2
Tuesday May 3
Wednesday May 4
Thursday May 5
Friday May 6

Please considering signing up for multuiple days to gain more experience and practice your techniques

Classroom sessions from 4pm-6:30pm, event sessions from 7:30pm-930pm


If participants have their own video capable DSLR, they are encourage to bring it. They will be responsible for knowing the basic video functions on their camera. 
If participants have a laptop, bringing it would be helpful for the editing portion of the workshop. 


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This DSLR video training intensive will have two components. Monday to Friday from 4pm to 6:30pm there will be an in-class learning portion where we will learn theory and review footage. After the in-class portion is finished, we will jump into the application of the new skills learned. We will attend another event at the Juvenis festival (7pm-9:30pm) to apply your new skills in filming with your DSLR. Students will be taking an active role in capturing live Juvenis events, filming and learning how to work with sound.  

After filming an event, the next day's class will review footage and begin editing it into a highlight reel, showing the best of your work and promoting the Juvenis festival.  

This class will give you experience in filming live events, capturing professional sound, choosing the proper equipment for recording a live event, adjusting settings for lighting and depth of field in real time, and how to edit a sharp professional final product with a DSLR camera with video capability. 

 Artist Bio

They told him he’d never do it. "You can’t be a working artist," they said. Coady proved them wrong. Coady’s exceptional editing skills come naturally. Want your video to be perfectly edited to the music? He’s the man to call. He is a “self-taught” portrait artist, photographer, videographer, video editor, musician and amateur juggler.