Hawai'ian Hula Dance

Facilitated by Lydia Mathi


Saturday, April 30th




The Rotunda Theatre (Queen's Theological Hall)

Workshop Description

This workshop is an introduction to traditional Hawai'ian hula dance. Workshop participants will learn the basic posture and steps of hula, and will then learn simple choreography to a classic Hawai'ian song. As hula dance is intrinsically connected to the Indigenous culture of Hawai'i, workshop participants will also learn a bit about Hawai'ian culture and history along the way. Those of all genders who are passionate about dance and learning about other cultures are encouraged to come by! 

Materials Needed 

No extra materials are required, but it is recommended to bring a flowy, knee-length skirt that you can easily move in.

Lydia Mathi

Lydia Mathi is a trained hula dancer from the Spirit of Aloha 'Ohana Hula Halau ("school"), headed by Kumu ("teacher") Alilei Talebian. Lydia has been dancing hula for 16 years and has competed with her halau in the Ho'ike Hawai'i Hula competition in Florida. She is excited to work with Juvenis once more and to be able to share Hawai'ian culture and the ancient art of hula with participants!

About Hula...

For those who want to learn more about hula or who want to see what a traditional hula dance looks like, Lydia has added 2 of her favourite hula videos below!

Here are dancers from Hula Halau 'O Kamuela performing to the song Ku'u Leo Aloha ("My Beloved Voice") by Josh Tatofi.


Fun fact: hula actually originated as a martial art that was only done by men! Men continue to dance and compete in it to this day. Those who do not identify as women are just as welcome to dance as those who do! 

Here is a great example of kane (men) dance by Halau Hula 'O Kahikilaulani who performed at the Merrie Monarch Festival, the biggest and most prestigious hula competition in the world.