A Glimpse of Music Therapy: An Experiential Workshop exploring Music Therapy & Therapeutic uses of Music

with Synergy Music Therapy & Wellness Services and KFPL


Kim Dolan


Gather Space, KFPL Downtown Branch, 30 Johnson St, Kingston, ON

Time & Date

3:30 - 5:00 pm | May 9, 2024


13 - 30

Participant Notes

Bring some paper and pencils!


It is likely no surprise that music has powerful qualities which allow us to feel heard, to allow us to express emotions that words cannot, and to celebrate important milestones in our lives. Many of us use music each day be it passively while we study or work, for enjoyment with friends or a solo dance party, or for therapeutic uses. Beyond these personal uses of music, this experiential workshop aims to provide you with an overview of the field of Music Therapy as well as the distinction and connections with therapeutic uses of music outside of the therapy space. This presentation will allow you to gain insight into the benefits and application of Music Therapy including demonstrations and opportunities to trial various techniques and interventions, and will provide you with tangible tools and strategies to use in your everyday life to promote and maintain wellness.

***No musical experience or understanding is required to engage in or benefit from this workshop!***

Kim Dolan

Kimberly Dolan, RP(Qualifying, MMT, MTA, NMT) is a certified Music Therapist, Neurologic Music Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying, and Wholistic Wellness Advocate living and working in the Kingston Ontario region. She is one of two Co-Founders of Synergy Music Therapy & Wellness Services and co-host of The Able Voice Podcast. Kimberly has been practicing music therapy for almost a decade and has worked in a variety of contexts including corrections, long term care, stroke and neuro-rehabilitation, mental health, and beyond. She is passionate about providing opportunities for individuals and communities to explore personal wellness and how to live a fulfilled and harmonious life.

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