Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Juvenis Festival 2020 was moved online. Despite the changes that needed to be made, we were able to produce many successful events.

Juvenis Festival 2020 Schedule 

Events  |  Workshops

Friday, May 1st

-Mock Dance Call Workshop (12:00pm)

-Song Writing Video #1

-Viva Voce "Rest" performances

Saturday, May 2nd

-Theatre for Young Audiences video #1

-NYCDA-Vocal technique (5:30pm)

Sunday, May 3rd

-Personal Branding  workshop (1:00pm)

-Theatre for Young Audiences video #2

Monday, May 4th

-Song Writing Video #2

-NYCDA-Audition for musicals theatre workshop (6:30pm)

Tuesday, May 5th

-Virtual Riff-Off

-Theatre for Young Audiences video #3

Wednesday, May 6th

-Music Repertoire Workshop (1:00pm)

-NYCDA-auditioning for tv & film audition (5:30pm)

Thursday, May 7th

-Song Writing Video #3

-Think/Act Like a professional actor workshop (4:00pm)

-Panel Talks (5:00pm)

Friday, May 8th

-Theatre for Young Audiences video #4

-Intro to Improv workshop (5:00pm)

Saturday, May 9th

-Song Writing Video #4

-Self-Care Workshop (5:00pm)

Sunday, May 10th

-NYCDA auditions (12:00pm-5:00pm)