Design & Bind your own mini zine

Facilitated by Adriana Green


Sunday, May 1st




The Agnes Etherington Art Centre

Workshop Description

The Design & Bind Your Own Mini Zine workshop will consist of three parts:
 1) brainstorming, 2) formatting, and 3) binding.

1. Brainstorming
Participants will already have come to the workshop with a theme and pieces of art/poetry of their own. 20 minutes will be dedicated to placing all the elements in the desired order before applying adhesive. They will also spend time discovering what available materials they will add to their magazines.

2. Formatting
Following brainstorming,30 minutes will be dedicated to formatting and applying art/poetry into the magazine. Participants will use available materials such as: glue, stickers, cardstock, markers, pencils, stencils, etc.

3. Binding
10 minutes will be dedicated to me teaching the participants how to bind their magazine efficiently. They will be allowed to ask questions, and then given 30 minutes to complete the binding themselves.

Materials Needed  

  • a preconceived idea of a theme or topic
  • original writing pieces or a notebook
  • any craft or art materials you would like to include in your piece (some materials will be provided)

Adriana Green

Adriana Green is a poet and instrumentalist from Kingston, Ontario. She is the founder of VISIO Magazine, a literary and arts based print publication featuring Canadian creatives. You can support VISIO at @VisioMag and, or follow Adriana for poetry and art at @HadriaMecca