Facilitated by Anthony McMurray


May 6th 2020


5:30-6:30 PM

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Workshop Description

We’ve seen the casting business move toward self-taping in the last few years. This trend will continue and expand as time goes on. Whether it’s college auditions for this fall, meeting agents before pilot season, or trying to break into the business through open calls, you’ll need to get your act together and present good work within the constraints on online meeting tools and self-submissions. From “where should I look?” to “what do they expect?” we’ll look at crafting monologues and cold reads that survive social distancing

Requirements/Materials Needed

-Students will need to prepare one 60-90 sec monologue.  However, students can still participate that do not have a monologue

Anthony McMurray

Anthony McMurray (AEA) is an actor, director and comedian. He has performed with Wallis Knot Theatre, Section 26 productions, The Little Theatre of the Rockies, Swine Palace and Playmakers of Baton Rouge, to name a few. He has performed at comedy clubs such as Comedy Cellar, Peoples Improv Theatre, Gotham Comedy Club, Q.E.D. and EastVille Comedy Club, as well as many others strewn throughout the country.

Anthony's film and TV credits include the long-running daytime drama All My ChildrenJob Interviewing Made Easy and Night Herrings. He has also appeared in print ads for several pharmaceutical companies and industrials for Fortune 500 companies. He is currently the Academic Ambassador at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, where he is the head faculty member in charge of recruitment and the national audition tour.