Facilitated by Mark Bergin  

Date: Wednesday May 1st




Kingston Hall rm 213 (Queen's Campus)

Class Description

Working on the street, in low light, and in the world of professional theatre and dance. These specialties demand a strong knowledge and ability to work in any lighting situation, ranging from strong stage light to extremely low light. The spontaneity of street photography demands a different set of skills. This workshop will offer tips on photographic skills and professional etiquette in the theatre and dance worlds as well as tips for surviving on the street. Participants will gain the skills in combining the science/technology of the camera with the art of photographic composition and style.

Mark Bergin

Mark Bergin is a writer, editor, musician, and photographic artist. He specializes in dance, theatre, street, concert, and fashion photography. His photographs include ancient stone circles and burial tombs in Ireland, surfers in Hawaii, and the underground world of New York City. His works—more than 800 articles and 2000 photographs—have appeared in publications around the world. He teaches in the Music and Digital Media Program at St. Lawrence College.

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