We are so excited to be back with our 48 hour film contest, Rapid Reel!

Sign up your team now below and get ready to join us for the filming weekend of April 12th-14th

How Rapid Reel Works

Our 48 Hour Film Challenge returns! You will have 48 hours to script, create, film, and edit a short film that runs between 5-6 minutes (credits included!). All footage must be filmed with an Iphone, Android or tablet device. No experience required!

Submissions will be screened at a special Gala screening event at The Juvenis Festival on Monday, May 6th at The Screening Room.  A panel of judges will judge the submissions and finalists will receive a Grand prize (details to come soon!).   


  1. All credited team members must be between the ages of 13-30 to participate (actors and other volunteers may be outside of this age bracket)
  2. To enter, you must register your team by filling out the online registration form below
  3. You must register by 11:59pm on Thursday April, 11th!

  4. You must be available from 6pm on Friday, April 12th to 6pm on Sunday, April 14th to create your film and take part in the challenge
  5. To begin the challenge, we will call you to assign you a prop, genre, and line of dialogue that must be used in your film.
  6. Your film must run 6 minutes or under to be eligible, including any credits.
  7. All footage must be filmed within the 48-hour period of the challenge
  8. Completed work must be submitted as a movie file online (more information will be supplied upon entry)
  9. Submission Deadline for all films is 6pm on April 14th, 2018 along with a description of your piece that includes: the name or names of the participants and their roles, a short synopsis (maximum of 2 lines) of the work, a contact name, phone number and email address 
  10. Teams are not allowed to distribute their films in any way before the screening in May, this includes on social media sites, YouTube or any other publicly viewable site
  11. Discriminatory content of any kind is strictly prohibited

Further questions related to this project can be directed to Maureen Barnes at maureen.barnes@bluecanoetheatrical.ca

Rapid Reel Sign Up Form