So you want to submit a project for The Juvenis Festival 2024...

Youth ages 13 to 30 have the opportunity to mount a project of their own devising to be included in the Juvenis Festival. The engagement would last from when their submission is accepted to the end of the festival (May). Youth Project Leaders will be supported throughout the process through resources and professional development opportunities.


What we’re looking for:

Your idea doesn’t need to be perfectly planned out, but we do want a sense of your thoughts on:

  • What other team members you would require to help you
  • How many roles are available to youth
  • What kind of venue you have in mind for this event
  • If funding is required, how much would be helpful (an approximate estimate is acceptable) and what would you need it for? (budget not required, but you can create one if you like)
  • Ideal length of time for your event 

And most importantly…

  • Why your project will be an important experience for young people involved in the process
  • How your idea will impact local youth (beyond those directly involved in the project)

 Types of Projects:

New Project Idea

In most cases, youth will submit creative project ideas that you come up with. These can be in any art medium though they need to provide an opportunity for youth in the community to get involved. 

Not sure how to go about coming up with your own project idea? Send us an email!

Existing Project

Are you interested in participating in the Youth Project Leader Program but don't want to come up with a new project? We are looking for youth to be project leaders for our staple events!

These events include:

  • Musical Theatre Productions
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Storefront Art Gallery
  • Viva Voce: An Evening of Storytelling
  • Play Series

Each of these projects have been executed as part of the Juvenis Festival in the past though each are open to your interpretation. 

If you are interested in leading any of these projects, please let us know in the form and include any ideas you have for the project. 

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Youth Project Leader Program FAQs:

If I want to direct a play, does it have to be one I wrote? Does my piece have to be original content?

Nope! You can pitch any play to us as long as the rights are available for purchase.

How much are typical project budgets?

It depends on the project. Most projects often have budgets of around $1000 including space rental and materials. However, larger projects like musicals may have budgets of a few thousand dollars because of the need for rights, sets, costumes, props, etc.

Is this a paid position?

Yes! Project leaders will be given an honorarium at the end of the festival. The honorarium amount depends on our funding. In previous years, the honorarium has been around $400.

What type of project can I submit?

Any artistic project that engages other youth in the process will be considered. Previous projects include a fashion show, an anthology, a yarn art museum, a dance showcase, a musical, and more! Check out our website to see the projects from previous years.

What is the time commitment?

If your project is selected, you are the leader for that project. That means you are responsible for curating the project and acting as a liaison between the festival co-managing directors and your team. This includes monthly meetings, a budget proposal, meetings with a mentor, attending your rehearsals/project meetings, attending interviews/auditions for your team members, etc. Depending on your project, you may only have 2-3 hours/week on average or it could be much higher depending on the amount of rehearsal time you schedule.

Can I be a full time student or work full time while I do this?

Yes! We do our best to accommodate your schedule and most of our previous Youth Project Leaders were full time students and workers.

If my project is submitted, what role do I play in the project’s creation?

The role you play is largely flexible, however most project leaders take the role of “director” or “production manager” within their projects. All project leaders must be the liaison between their project and the Juvenis Festival and are responsible for their team and the creation and development of their project.

Can I submit more than one project?

Yes, you can submit several projects. However, only one project will be selected.

Can I have a co-project leader?

Yes, as long as you pitch the project together and both satisfy the Youth Project Leader Program requirements by the end of the festival.

What is the relationship between Juvenis and Blue Canoe?

Blue Canoe is the company that produces the Juvenis Festival. They run arts programming throughout the year and are made up of three main portfolios with Juvenis being one of them. The festival is included as part of their season’s programming.

Do I get to keep the revenue that my project generates?

No. Blue Canoe and the Juvenis Festival provide the budgets and use the revenue to reimburse the costs and support next year’s festival.

Can I pitch a project outside the Juvenis Festival?

Yes you can! Blue Canoe runs productions year-round and are always looking for youth directors (age 30 and under) to direct productions.

Any questions can be directed to:

Fiona Fox