The Poetry Show
feat. Truth Is...

presented by Kingston Poetry Collective

Project Leader: Andrea Prins

Kingston Poetry Collective aims to create space for verbal alchemy, emotional exhibitionism and community mind melds through a poetry show featuring local wordsmiths and legendary spoken word artist Truth Is...!

Ways for Youth to Get Involved:

Coming soon!


Tuesday May 1


The Mansion
506 Princess St, Kingston, ON

About our Featured Poet: Truth Is

A great leader and powerful public speaker of our time was noted for using thunderclap rhythm with a distinctive voice, blending ecstasy and despair. That has also been used as a description for the Truth Is… style. Their passion is only surpassed by a desire to explore and express the truth itself and this becomes obvious when their poetry is spoken.

As a Queer, POC spoken word poet and speaker Truth Is... takes an unique approach to talking about the intricacies of various topics and related traumas in a global and personal context. Their intersectional approach allows for the audience to explore experiences or lack thereof through an empathetic and compassionate lens fostering wellness, community, and resisting shame.

Previously opening for legendary activist Angela Davis, they have also headlined in several conferences focused on social equity, gender equality, labour safety and youth motivation. They are current co-artistic director of not-for-profit arts organization Guelph Spoken Word and have also been the recipient of the Min Sook Lee Labour Arts Awards and Guelph's Top 40 under 40.