Aki Miizhaayaan

the land offers/ gives

with the Kingston Indigenous Languages Nest


Mandy Wilson


Meadowbrook Park, Kingston 444 Kingsdale Ave, Kingston (meetnear the play structure)

Time & Date

4 pm -6 pm | April 27 2023


30 and under

Parents are recommended to attend with their child. Children 12 and under must have a parent present at all times.

Participant Notes

Please wear weather-appropriate clothing as this will be an outdoor event. We encourage you to bring a water bottle and snacks if needed for the walk.

Participants will have the option to join in smudging and making tobacco offerings.


 Join Juvenis and KILN for a plant identification walk, through Meadowbrook Park trail.  Learn about edible plants, their names in Anishinaabemowin, the gifts they provide, identifying characteristics and harvesting methods. There will also be opportunities for tobacco offerings and small harvest of available plants.

Mandy Wilson

Mandy Wilson is a woman of mixed ancestry; which includes Indigenous, Black and Irish descent. She is a member of Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation who grew up in Sharbot Lake Ontario. She is now living in Kingston Ontario where her work is fueled by a love for nature and a passion for language learning. She is devoted to learning the traditional values and principles that have influenced Indigenous land practices since time immemorial. She is extremely thankful to her family, aunties, and community for the teachings she has received throughout her life and hopes to honour those teachings by sharing the importance of creating a reciprocal relationship with Mother Earth and all of Creation.