Our 2021 Projects

This page includes many opportunities to get involved! Please make sure you are checking the guidelines and submission requirements since each project is different.

If you run into any issues with accessing links or documents, please email Maya at maya.meyerman@bluecanoetheatrical.ca, and she will send you the links directly. 

True North

Art Form: Theatre (Radio Drama)

An eight-part radio drama. In a desire to find home, Julia, a local radio host, looks to leave Kingston for the lights of Toronto and follow her dreams onto the biggest stage she can find. Before she can leave though, she'll have to put up with Alex, a newly minted member of the station after a career in the Music City went sideways. Combined with a cast of characters that can't seem to behave, Julia only wants to move up and out while Alex tries to find his way from falling any further behind his family's expectations. Forged in the crucible of performative personalities and puck battles, True North follows both as they navigate life in the Limestone City while seeking an exit, or an entrance.

 About the Project Leader...

Jack Burnham is a third-year Queen’s student majoring in politics with a minor in global development studies. In addition to his academics, Jack has also written and directed several radio dramas and written on behalf of the Queen’s Journal. Jack wrote and co-directed his first radio drama, Children of Thomas, this fall with Blue Canoe Productions. This ten-part series was also featured in a radio theatre festival broadcasted on CFRC, Queen’s campus radio station. His second written work, Fey, will be presented in the Queen’s University Dan Studio Series fall collection as a radio play. Jack has also written Every Night of the Year, another ten-part series currently under production by The Imaginary Theatre Company. His fourth work will be True North, an eight-part radio drama produced for Blue Canoe’s Juvenis Festival. His other written works include a set of articles published in the Queen’s Journal in an ongoing series on the NFL football season.

Rising Solitude

Art Form: Visual Arts & Poetry

During this period of isolation, Rising Solitude is a reminder that “sol”, meaning “sun”, will soon be on the rise. For this project, I will be leading four monthly workshop sessions over Zoom, with the first hour dedicated to Poetry and the second to Visual Art (you are free to attend one or both hours). This workshop is the perfect chance to meet other youth with overlapping interests. My project will also culminate in an in-person exhibition to showcase the content produced over the course of the workshop. Touching on the theme of the positive and negative aspects of mental health during the pandemic, this is an opportunity to share your work with others and lift spirits within the greater community. Ultimately, Rising Solitude aims to fuel a strong, creative outlet within a community of like-minded people of any skill level.

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Workshop Dates: Jan. 23, Feb. 20, Mar. 20, Apr. 17 (second-last Saturday of every month) from 11am to 1pm.

Workshop Participants:

Please use this form to register as a participant in the workshop! If you live in Kingston, you have the opportunity to pick up free art or writing materials (paintbrushes, sketchbook, writer’s notebook, etc.). If you already have your own supplies, the deadline to register is Friday, Feb. 19 at noon (the day before the first workshop session)! If you need to pick up supplies, please register by Tuesday, Feb. 16 or free supplies will not be guaranteed. Pickup details will be shared with you via email on an individual basis once I receive your Registration Form response!

Assistant Leader:

Please use this form if you are interested in being an assistant leader! You can choose to lead breakout rooms in the Zoom workshop and/or help set up the exhibition. Please note that depending on how many people sign up, your help may not be needed regularly!

About the Project Leader...

My name is Olivia Ows and my pronouns are she/her! I am eighteen years old and a first year Interior Design student at Ryerson University. When it comes to visual art and poetry, it is important to me to use my passions to give back to my community. In 2018, one of my poems was printed across the skating rink boards of a public park; this past summer, I helped initiate a mural painting project in my high school; and recently, three more of my poems were published in Arc Poetry Magazine. Although my creative journey has been rewarding, it has never been independent. As a Project Leader, I hope to provide an accessible opportunity for learning and self-expression to pay forward all the support I have received from those who believe in young people’s potential. 

Young Works

Art Form: Dance & Music

"Young Works" is a short dance piece, involving multiple styles of dance such as contemporary, jazz and tap. A majority of the pieces will be choreographed to original songs written by local Kingstonian artists. Having both dance and vocal aspects will bring the art forms together creating a dynamic and unique piece. This project will allow those involved to work on their communication, time management and performance skills. "Young Works" will have a lasting impact on the arts community, allowing participants to express themselves and inspire the audience to be creative in all aspects of their lives. Emma Detomasi has been involved in the Kingston arts community for many years. She started dancing at the age of four and has continued training in multiples styles at TK Danceworx and Kingston School of Dance. Emma also partakes in weekly singing and piano lessons to improve her technique and performance skills. These opportunities have allowed her to get more involved in musical theatre performances in the community playing leading roles in shows such as Annie and The Sound of Music. Emma is looking forward t contributing to the Kingston arts community with the help of Blue Canoe and Juvenis Festival!

About the Project Leader...

Emma Detomasi has been involved in the Kingston arts community for many years. She started dancing at the age of four and has continued training in multiples styles at TK Danceworx and Kingston School of Dance. Emma also partakes in weekly singing and piano lessons to improve her technique and performance skills. These opportunities have allowed her to get more involved in musical theatre performances in the community playing leading roles in shows such as Annie and The Sound of Music. Emma is looking forward t contributing to the Kingston arts community with the help of Blue Canoe and Juvenis Festival!

Time Anthology

Art Form: Writing & Visual Arts

My project is a Time Anthology, meaning that I am putting together a collection of short stories, poems and essays all revolving around the topic of time. To me, time is more so an abstract construct, and I believe we each have different interpretations about our pasts, present and futures. This personal relationship is what I would like to explore with my project, so I invite contributors to write pieces that highlight the theme of time. It is up to you to decide which role time will play in your pieces, and you can choose to make them solely about childhoods (the past), some struggles currently experienced by peers aged 13-30 (present), or even different generations' outlook on their future. Of course, these are just some examples, but I am looking forward to reading diverse and unique spins on the topic of Time. The final product will be a printed book.

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Submissions are due February 28th, 2021.
All Submissions will be accepted by Maria at z.maria0211@gmail.com

Written work: poems, short stories and essays will be accepted, and they can be written either in English or in French. Interested writers are asked to send their piece along with a brief description about themselves.

Illustrators/Visual Artists: Interested individuals are invited to send in examples of their work and drawing style along with a brief description about themselves.

Copy Editors: For those interested, please send an email to the address below and include a brief description of yourself as well as a short extract of your writing (max 300 words) either from your personal collection or from a piece written for your coursework. No experience is necessary, it is only an added bonus :) 

About the Project Leader...

Hi! My name is Maria Zarin and I am a first year student at Concordia University in Montreal. My interests are varied (I like history, languages and movies) but I would describe myself as a creative and passionate person who likes to delve deep into various topics and explore them through many mediums. I like to meet new people and discuss many topics over a warm cup of tea (peppermint is my favourite :)). I am excited to work with a wide range of individuals who are creatives and who are searching for opportunities to express themselves through writing. If you are looking for an opportunity to practice sharing your outlook on a subject like Time, then you've come to the right place!

We're All On Zoom Together

Art Form: Musical Theatre (Cabaret)

“We’re All On Zoom Together” is a virtual cabaret featuring music from High School Musical 1, 2 & 3. With rehearsals done entirely through Zoom, cast and production team members will work with audio and video recordings to present an hour-long show full of HSM showstoppers! Audiences can expect a high degree of energetic and infectious performances so get your basketballs ready, Wildcats, and join us at 8pm on Saturday May 1st!

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Auditions are due by March 6th @ 11:59pm EST

Open to anyone 13 to 19 years old

About the Project Leader...

Santina Hughes is a recent Queen’s Music graduate and is currently complete in her Bachelor of Education. As a passionate and driven arts enthusiast, Santina is ecstatic to be one of the Project Leaders for the Juvenis 2021 Festival. Santina has worked in various theatrical and music capacities, and is excited to partake in her fourth virtual cabaret with Blue Canoe! Storytelling, musical performance/leadership and arts administrations are a few of Santina’s artist passions that she thoroughly enjoys sharing with others. She is looking forward to continuing her experience engaging in virtual theatrical opportunities amongst youth and can not wait to see this project come together! 

Evil Dead: The Musical

Art Form: Musical Theatre 

A rock n'roll musical comedy based on the iconic horror film series, Evil Dead the Musical tells the story of five college students who venture to an abandoned cabin in the woods for their spring break, only to accidentally unleash a hoard of evil demons hellbent on possessing the souls of the living and taking over the world. 

Open to anyone 18 to 30 years old

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Available Opportunities: Head of Sound & Head of Set

Please note that you will be contacted if selected for and interview.

About the Project Leader...

Tobias Partridge is a student at Queen's University studying theatre and education. He has worked on many productions over the years, including as assistant director of Disney's Beauty and the Beast and co-director of Anne of Green Gables. He currently serves as President of Queen's Musical Theatre and plans to complete his degree in theatre this spring.

Battle of the Bands

Art Form: Music

Battle of the Bands will feature 8 bands/artists local to Kingston. Due to COVID restrictions, each band will perform their songs for the competition at a Kingston recording studio in April. The video footage will be aired along with feedback from the judges during the festival. Members of the community will be able to watch these performances and vote on their favourite.

Get Involved

We will be looking for 8 local bands to perform in the competition. Bands are asked to send a brief bio including all member names and ages, technical requirements, and any photo, video or audio content they deem relevant to Owen at juvenisbattleofbands@gmail.com. Submissions are due on March 5th.

About the Project Leader...

Owen has been living in Kingston for just over two years and for the last year and a half has served as the frontman of Willy Nilly. He went to Niagara College for broadcasting and worked for a year as a news reporter in Yellowknife before deciding he was crazy enough to quit stable employment to pursue music.